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The first and only Government Medical College in Raigad District in Maharashtra


FY 2024-2025

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FY 2024-2025

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FY 2024-2025


FY 2024-2025

ग्रंथालय विभागाकरिता विविध विषयांची पुस्तके खरेदीकरिता दरपत्रकास मुदतवाढ देणेबाबत.   महाविद्यालयीन कार्यालय/ विभाग/ वसतिगृह इमारत येथील खिडक्यांच्या पडद्यांकरिता दरपत्रके मागविण्यात करिता   विकृतीशास्त्र विभागासाठी दरपत्रके मोहोरबंद लिफाफेची मुदतवाढ देणेबाबत.    महाविद्यालयाकरिता आवश्यक छोटी असणारी साधन सामुग्री / यंत्रसामुग्रीकरिता दरपत्रके मागविणेबाबत (कॅमेरा)   महाविद्यालयाकरिता आवश्यक छोटी असणारी साधन सामुग्री / यंत्रसामुग्रीकरिता दरपत्रके मागविणेबाबत (झेरॉक्स मशीन)    महाविद्यालयाकरिता आवश्यक छोटी असणारी साधन सामुग्री / यंत्रसामुग्रीकरिता दरपत्रके मागविणेबाबत (कॉफी मशीन)   Laptop खरेदीसाठी दरपत्रके मोहोरबंद लिफाफे सादर करणेबाबत    Journals Extension till 12th Feb 2024    विकृतीशास्त्र विभागासाठी दरपत्रके मोहोरबंद लिफाफे सादर करणेबाबत    ग्रंथालय विभागाकरिता विविध विभागांची पुस्तके खरेदीकरिता दरपत्रके मोहोरबंद लिफाफे सादर करणेबाबत.    ENT Quotation Corrigendum    महाविद्यालयाकरिता आवश्यक छोटी असणारी साधनसामुग्री / यंत्रसामुग्रीकरिता दरपत्रके मागविणेबाबत

Message from the Dean

Government medical college, Alibag is the only state run medical college in Raigarh district of state of Maharashtra commenced from academic year 2021- 22. It is established to cater the healthcare needs of general population in the area and to provide best medical education to budding doctors.

Dr. Purwa Patil
Dean: Govt. Medical College, Alibag

About College and Hospital

Govt. Medical College & Hospital, Alibag is the first and only Government Medical College in Raigad District in Maharashtra. It is permitted by NMC for 100 seats from Academic year 2021-2022.

Vision & Mission

To provide comprehensive health care encompassing preventive, promotive, curative and rehabilitative health care. To provide round the clock state of the art diagnostic services/facilities. To provide specialised services in clinical, diagnostic and therapeutic fields.

Student Testimonials

Don't take our word for it - here's what our student say:

Paridhi Sharma


My experience in Government Medical College, Alibag is great and highly memorable even it has been only 1 year I have come here.

Despite of being a newly established college few years back, all teachers here are well educated from renowned institutes. They are very hardworking and left no stone unturned to provide us the knowledge we must have to be a great doctors in future.

Huge respect for all faculties and working staff. I will always be thankful to them.

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Sonali Pandey

MBBS Student

Hello I am Sonali Pandey, MBBS Student from Government Medical College, Alibag-Raigad. The climate of Alibag is too good, and upon that, the college is located in a very peaceful area that creates a healthy and studious environment for medical students. The locality of the college is easily accessible.

I am very proud and blessed to be disciplined in my studies and career. The teaching faculty here are the best, as they are friendly and motivating. They are very focused on our careers and have very good subject knowledge...

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  • Well Equipped Laboratories
  • Outstanding Students Performance Every Year

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